BSC, Inc. Courses Completed by Groups:

Motorola CSDM Clean Room Course – 1996

Bill Stacey
Rene Serna
Don Stacey

Lift Truck Operator Training 03/09/95

Don Stacey
Scott Henderson

Clean Room Protocol 11/09/92

Bill Stacey
Don Stacey

Evacuation Awareness 10/30/97

Bill Stacey
Don Stacey
Scott Henderson
Rene Serna

Motorola Safety/Security Program

All Motorola Contractor Employees

Motorola G-Cell Clean Room Class – 1995

Bill Stacey
Scott Henderson
Don Stacey

Confined Space Entry

Bill Stacey 10/21/94 + 07/25/97
Scott Henderson 10/21/94 + 07/25/97
Don Stacey 07/25/97
Rene Serna 07/25/97

SGS Thomson (ST) Clean Room + Site Safety 04/98

Bill Stacey
Don Stacey
Scott Henderson
Rene Serna

SSTA 15-Hour Safety Training Course +05/19/2011

Bill Stacey 11/07/92 + 12/03/98 +05/19/2011
Don Stacey 11/07/92 + 12/03/98 +05/19/2011
Rene Serna 11/13/96 +05/19/2011
Scott Henderson 07/14/97 +05/19/2011
Anthony Chavez 05/19/2011


BSC, Inc. Courses Completed by Individuals:

Bill Stacey

Motorola University

Creating Change
Total Customer Satisfaction
Building a Foundation of Trust

Association for Construction Excellence (ACE)

Clean-room Construction Workshop 10/25/96
Project Management Short Course 04/19/96
Best Practices Design-Build 05/20/98
Job Order Contracting 08/14/2000

Arizona’s Builder’s Alliance (ABA)

Leadership Development Forum
Value Engineering & Conceptual Cost Estimating 4/20/2006
The Construction Sales Professional 4/29/2010

Arizona State University (ASU)

Bachelor of Science Degree 1970
Performance Based Contracting
Information Measurement Theory 11/12/97

Don Stacey

Arizona Builder’s Alliance (ABA)

Foreman Training
Positive Contractor/Vendor Relations
Planning and Organization
Construction Power Writing
PM Management Tools
Effective Oral Communication/Meeting Facilitation
Negotiating to WIN-WIN Results
Cost Control