Sustainable Projects and Industry Activities


CNG is a Compressed Natural Gas Station for automobiles including taxis and buses which service Sky Harbor International Airport. Compressed natural gas is an alternative fuel which is clean burning and so conducive to a healthier environment. We worked with PM Plumbing to make this site operational.

  APS Ocotillo is a natural-gas fueled power plant and location of the Solar Technology and Research Center. We built a controls building and foundations for the area wall.

  We partnered with Motorola for years to facilitate the movement and storage of equipment and materials to prevent storm water pollution.

  Storm water pollution prevention (SWPP) measures prevent pollutants from entering the natural environment. We incorporate both temporary and permanent measures into our projects which prevent storm water pollution.

  Bill Stacey Construction incorporates reusability principles to improve the budget and to avoid treating resources as expendable. We design our forms and hardware for multiple uses and reuse, including scrap, and reuse pipe for bollards, for example.